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Fahl successfully exhibited and T-SToMA supported during the European congress in Brussels 30/6-3/7. Very much enjoyable and a lot of interactions.

T-SToMA expands!

Hanane Ghannam is our new Office Manager and Customer service representaive who will help you with what you need.

CHL Luxembourg

The Laryngectomy course in Luxembourg, April 2019 arranged by Prof. Remacle scored excellently. 83% of the participants expressed that the course fulfilled their (in most cases high) expectations. Guest lecturers were Dr E. Blom fr Indianapolis, USA, Prof Lawson, Prof vd Vorsten and SLP Rijckaert fr Namur, BE, Dr Sewnaik, Vermeij and SLP Janssen fr […]

Laryvox Tape Comfort and Extra HME Medium

The combination is the most popular from our range among our Belgium users. Testimonial from CHU Liege. See Ad from Vereniging Gelaryngectomeerden – ZELFHULPGROEP Universitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven en Vlaams Brabant Magazine.

Voice rehabilitation after Total Laryngectomy by Voice Prosthesis, 40 years later…

It’s with great pleasure we share the announcement of the “1st International course on Rehabilitation after Total Laryngectomy” organized by Prof Remacle at the CHL in beautiful Luxembourg on the 26-27th of April 2019. Including the most recent developments. Alternative rehabilitation products from Blom-Singer and Fahl will be an important part of this up-date […]

SPRIAFLEX Short – New Enforced Soft Trach tube w IC

-Short tracheostomy tube with inner cannulas -Suitable for long-term care -Very soft and flexible -The stability is enhanced by the integrated metal spiral -Available non- and fenestrated, with or without cuff For more info see:

T-SToMA introduce the New Generation HME

LARYVOX Extra HME HME in discrete design with speech option via easy finger closure. With 22 mm adapter (KOMBI) to connect to any conventional base plates (e.g. LARYVOX® Tape) or silicone tubes for laryngectomees (e.g. LARYNGOTEC®). The following variants are available: Normal – normal breathing resistance at normal physical exercise Medium – medium breathing resistance […]

T-SToMA informs at AVG & VGL

T-SToMA was invited by two “Verenigingen Voor Gelaryngectomeerden” to inform about us and our services. Very pleasant. Thank you to both Antwerpse Vereniging voor Gelaryngectomeerden and Zelfhulpgroep Gelaryngectomeerden UZ Leuven en Vlaams Brabant.

Laryngectomy course, Namur BE

The 1st International course in Voice and Pulmonary Rehabilitation using Alternative tools was a great success. On Dec 9th, 2017 Prof. Lawson, Prof. v d Vorst, Dr. Bonte, Mme Rijckaert, Mr Allouche attracted 60 participants from 14 countries to attend in CHU UCL Namur site Godinne, Belgium. We’re already looking forward to next year!

T-SToMA at Infodag Laryngectomie, Leuven

T-SToMA is a new Belgium/Luxembourg distributor of Laryngectomty products from Fahl (Germany) and Blom-Singer Voice Prosthesis (USA). T-SToMA represents more than 50 years of experience within this field. We made our “debut” at the very nicely organised “Infodag” in Leuven April 22, 2017 where we were able for the first time to interact with both […]

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