Month: April 2017

T-SToMA at Infodag Laryngectomie, Leuven

T-SToMA is a new Belgium/Luxembourg distributor of Laryngectomty products from Fahl (Germany) and Blom-Singer Voice Prosthesis (USA). T-SToMA represents more than 50 years of experience within this field. We made our “debut” at the very nicely organised “Infodag” in Leuven April 22, 2017 where we were able for the first time to interact with both […]

HME Starter Kit!

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VP Problem solvers

Wide variation of Voice Prosthesis problem solvers for leakage through and around. Advantage (Silver Oxide)/ Large Flange/ Dual Valve/ Increased resistance/ Special order customisation.


“Designed” speaking with light finger pressure!