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LARYVOX® Simply Fix

Canula tube holders which assure the secure fixation of tracheostomy and laryngectomy tubes. Attached variably to the neck area. Broad and soft for high wearing comfort. Easily and quickly adjusted to the desired position.

New Office T-SToMA

In conjunction with the CEORLHNS 2019 in Brussels, T-SToMA arranged a very well attended welcome reception in its new office.

Laryngectomy course, Namur BE

The 1st International course in Voice and Pulmonary Rehabilitation using Alternative tools was a great success. On Dec 9th, 2017 Prof. Lawson, Prof. v d Vorst, Dr. Bonte, Mme Rijckaert, Mr Allouche attracted 60 participants from 14 countries to attend in CHU UCL Namur site Godinne, Belgium. We’re already looking forward to next year!