Month: October 2019


FAHL and T-SToMA had two successful days at the IFHNOS World Tour 2019 arranged by Prof. Vander Poorten and his team in Leuven, Belgium. 250 mainly European Head and Neck Oncologists attended this well organised conference.

First Tracheostomy Workshop

T-SToMA attended its first Tracheostomy workshop and shared FAHL’s product range e.g. the broad cannula range and accessories. The event is called Trachéostomie : de l’appréhension à la sérénité and was arranged by CHU UCL Namur – site Godinne 9/10/2019. Very much recommendable. Please sign up for next year’s course.

Convex: New improved design

Our most recent LARYVOX Tape Convex has a new improved design which makes it easier to handle. Its intended use is for deep stoma and e.g. in combination with Hands free devices where extra support is required.