About Us

About T-SToMA

T-SToMA has an ambition to solve issues related to the tracheostoma and make them smaller, hence the name and the logotype.

T-SToMA is offering laryngectomy and tracheostomy products in Belgium and Luxembourg. We represent “The only viable alternative. At an attractive price. In a professional way”. Combined the founders have 50 years of experience in the field.

Our main partner FAHL is a German medical device company that was founded more than 25 years ago. They develop and manufacture tracheostomy and laryngectomy products. In addition they represent the American Blom-Singer voice prosthesis system for laryngectomees in Europe. It was invented almost 40 years ago and continuously has been optimized to meet new demands from both clinicians and patients.

Gabriela Massart-Doskova

Started her career running the ENT Surgical division of Lapperre 1988. She later managed the Belgium/Luxembourg division of Atos Medical for 11 years. During her 30 years within ENT she has built up an extensive knowledge within the field of Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy. Her relational network extends well beyond the borders of Belgium. She also runs GAMA solutions with focus on general Laryngology and other ENT applications.

Joakim Almgren

A passionate person with a wide network and with extensive experience from Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy in different functions within Atos Medical. 25+ years of International Medtech sales and marketing experience in both Executive and Operational functions in small to medium sized entities including experience from Start-up of subsidiaries in US, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Italy and in New Business Development. He also runs Prog Medtech; a business development company, bringing Progressive medical products, diagnostics & treatments to the international market in a Progressive way.


Hanane Ghannam

Is our Office Manager and Customer Service Coordinator. A young and talented lady with a couple of years experience of Laryngectomy products and always striving to do her best for the customer.


Frank Meeus

Is our external patient consultant in the Flemish area. Based in Leuven. A very inspiring Laryngectomee, fluent in three languages, open for new ideas and solutions and always willing to help, support and share his experiences.



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