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VIRTUAL LARYNGECTOMY CONFERENCE 16/11-21/11 2020 (in English). In these strange times T-SToMA is proud to share a possibility to up-date and educate yourself with the latest in the field of Laryngectomy on-line. Please join us and learn more about eg. the Blom-Singer Voice prosthesis system supplied by us in Belgium and Luxembourg!Hear clinicians from different academic institutions in the […]


LARYVOX® PAD CONNECT is a re-usable self-adhesive sealing plate made of soft, skin-coloured medical silicone with an integrated 22 mm connector. Skin-friendly due to the material used. To align the skin level of an irregular tracheostoma that is situated below the skin level. Due to the integrated 22 mm connector (KOMBI) a suitable HME filter […]


Laryngectomy tube/silicone tube for use up to 3-6 months. The proximal cone optimally seals the tracheostoma in combination. Medical grade silicone: soft and lightweight. Transparent, inconspicuous design. With 22 mm adapter. The cannula is available in the sizes: 8,9,10 and 12 and in two lengths (36 mm / 55 mm). With  or without (LARYNGOTEC® PRO […]

LARYVOX® Simply Fix

Canula tube holders which assure the secure fixation of tracheostomy and laryngectomy tubes. Attached variably to the neck area. Broad and soft for high wearing comfort. Easily and quickly adjusted to the desired position.


The Laryvox® product range is complemented by the LARYVOX® STYLE HME PRO (Highflow/Normal Resistance) filter cassette. LARYVOX® Style HME PRO filter cassettes must not be used alone but only in combination with other products intended for this purpose, e.g. with LARYVOX® STYLE TOP as well as LARYVOX® STYLE CAP. Please contact us for more info.


FAHL and T-SToMA had two successful days at the IFHNOS World Tour 2019 arranged by Prof. Vander Poorten and his team in Leuven, Belgium. 250 mainly European Head and Neck Oncologists attended this well organised conference.

First Tracheostomy Workshop

T-SToMA attended its first Tracheostomy workshop and shared FAHL’s product range e.g. the broad cannula range and accessories. The event is called Trachéostomie : de l’appréhension à la sérénité and was arranged by CHU UCL Namur – site Godinne 9/10/2019. Very much recommendable. Please sign up for next year’s course.

Convex: New improved design

Our most recent LARYVOX Tape Convex has a new improved design which makes it easier to handle. Its intended use is for deep stoma and e.g. in combination with Hands free devices where extra support is required.

Patient information events

  Recently T-SToMA has been invited to a number of patient meetings to inform about our services. Leuven, Antwerpen, Gent, Kempen, Brussels and Hasselt. The most recent one took place in Namur.

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